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Qualm – Tiefe (Cassette)


Format: Cassette

Label: Egregor Records

Style: Atmospheric Black Metal (DEU)

Date de sortie : 15/06/2019

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Qualm – Tiefe

Tracklist :
1. Schwarzer Quell 
2. Ich Bin Die Tiefe 
3. Versunkenheit
4. So Seltsam Fremd Wird Mir Die Welt
5. Ein Licht Über Der Tiefe
6. Hinab In Finstere Leere, Bis Der Blick Erlischt
7. Letzte Ruh

“Tiefe” is the portrayal of a bleak & tragic journey downwards – of the logical and total elimination of the self through merciless powers beyond man’s control, of disintegration & transformation of the individual by force. While still clutching onto one another, we already know deep down, that all attempts to safe the sinking ship are nothing but futile . 

To surrender to powers larger than oneself & to completely abandon all hope while still grinning triumphantly in Death’s face with the certain conviction, that everything is nothing: that is indeed the only acceptable posture in this filthridden world, which itself tears mankind apart like razor sharp teeth gouging through flesh, ripping apart primordial integrity & revealing inner depths unknown. 

This album was written & recorded in late 2018 to early 2019. 
It was mastered in March 2019. 


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